By : Nthabiseng Segaetsho and Diale Kgantsi

Mahikeng: today Ngaka Modiri Molema District Municipality Executive Mayor,

Cllr Tshepo Justice Makolomakwa expressed his gratitude to Councillors and Officials of the Municipality for working together for seven (07) years. “We worked together for full seven years in ensuring that we maintain the dignity of our community by providing an acceptable standard of service delivery, especially on water provision and eradicating the challenges of sewer in this district” said Makolomakwa.

The Executive Mayor, Councillor Justice Tshepo Makolomakwa, emphasised that the acquiring of municipal owned service delivery vehicles, which are five (05) water tankers and four (04) vacuum tankers is to align the objectives of the District Development Model towards a common goal of channelling the much-needed resources in realising the implementation of the Integrated Development Plan as these utility trucks which costed the municipality an estimated amount of R13 million will be allocated as per the needs of each local municipality to maximise the delivery of quality water and minimise sewer congestions facing the District.

“I am delighted that the administration took a step forward in installing tracker system to ensure that municipal service delivery vehicles are not abused, and can confirm that the municipality has trained and/or skilled eight (08) drivers who obtained a relevant code in driving abnormal trucks”: Makolomakwa concluded as he addressed the Management and drivers of these service delivery vehicles.

The Executive Mayor, urge community members to head to the President call and “VOOMA” to register and take a Covid-19 jab, to reduce the number of death and protect each other from the virus.

Remember to wash your hands, sanitise, and always keep your mask on, while maintain social distancing in public places.


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