Council Whip

The Office of the Chief Whip was established to create synergy and to maintain discipline among Councilors from various Political Parties. The role of the Chief Whip of the Council covers both the political and administrative domains of Council with emphasis on the political aspect.

The Chief Whip has to ensure that relationships are constructive and focused on key issues that aimed at improving the lives of the people in our district.

The Chief Whip further acts as a link between the Speaker, The Executive Committee and the Administration. The Chief Whip ensures that there is equitable representation in Committees of Council.

The Chief Whip of the Council also serves as the Chief Whip of the ruling party and her responsibilities include the managements of the whippery of the ANC. It is also her responsibility to chair the Caucus and ensure that members of the Party speak with one voice.

The office of the Chief Whip is charged with the following responsibilities

The Chief Whip plays a key role in promoting good governance, she also ensures that all Committees of Council quorate through an equitable distribution of Councilors to these Committees.

Political Accountability
One of the key roles of the Chief Whip is to ensure that all Councilors are accountable to Wards and their Political Parties.

Conflict Resolution
The Chief Whip on a continuous basis is called to intervene in disputes between Communities and Councilors.

Council Decision Making
The Chief Whip plays a key role in facilitating consensus between Communities and Councilors.

Discipline of Councilors
The Chief Whip and the Speaker of the Council have a co responsibility to ensure adherence to the code of conduct by Councilors.

Caucus and Constituency Support
The Chief Whip of the Council ensures that all Councilors do their work and that the necessary resources are provided.

Our core functions is as follows:

  • Troika meetings weekly 
  • Caucus meetings when council is sitting
  • Chief whips forums on a monthly basis 
  • Governance Lekgotla once a year
Council Whip
Cllr. Crosby Maema

Tel: 018 381 9400
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