Public Works and Basic Services

The purpose of Infrastructure Development and Maintenance is to render services to communities of Ngaka Modiri Molema District Municiplaity. The Department consist of the following Units:

  • Water Services Unit
  • Transportation Engineering Unit


Water Services

In terms of the Powers and Functions conferred by the Municipal Structures Act and endorsed by the Government Gazette Number 24228 dated 3rd January 2003 and the requirements of the Water Services Act, the Ngaka Modiri Molema District Municipality is responsible for ensuring that Constitutional rights to basic Water Services  (Water Supply and Sanitation Services) are realized within its Municipal Jurisdiction.

In terms of the Water Services Act and the Strategic Framework for Water Services (September 2003), Ngaka Modiri Molema District Municipality as a Water Services Authority has the following primary responsibilities:

  • Local Water Services Institutional Arrangements
  • Section 78 Assessment
  • Service Level Agreements with Water Services Providers


Ensuring Access to Water Services.

  • Construction of Water Supply Facilities
  • Construction of Sanitation Facilities
  • Refurbishment of Water and Sanitation Infrastructure


Water Services Planning

  • Water Services Development Planning
  • Water Services Master Planning
  • Feasibility Studies, Technical Assessment and
  • Approval of Designs


Water Services Local Regulation

  • Development of Water Services By-Laws and Policies
  • Enforcing Water Services By-Laws and Policies
  • Regulating local water services provision
Functions of the Department

Water Services Provision

  • Drinking Water Quality Management
  • Water Resources Management (Surface and Ground Water Source)
  • Operation and Maintenance of Water Supply Schemes
  • Operation and Maintenance of Waste Water Treatment Works
  • Customer Care


Transportation Engineering

The Transportation Engineering section falls under the Infrastructure Development and Maintenance department. This section is responsible for the establishment, regulation and control of roads that link local municipalities within the district (i.e. Municipal roads that form an integral part of a road transport system for the area of the district municipality as a whole).

Furthermore it is a legislative requirement that the district municipality must support and capacitate its local municipalities. It is along this legislative intent; that the Transportation Engineering section is striving for a fully functional road network within the area of the district municipality as a whole.

This section is also responsible for the Municipal Public Transport, which entails regulation of all municipal public transport and development of the Public Transport Plans (i.e. Current Public Transport Records, Operating License Strategy, Rationalization Plan, Public Transport Plan and Integrated Transport Plan).