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The ugly face of water and sanitation infrastructure vandalism


The state has a responsibility to provide its citizens with basic human resources such as clean and drinkable water and sanitation services amongst others. It is absolutely disheartening when communities suffer because of damage and misuse of infrastructure. 

It costs the state a whole lot of money and resources to ensure rendering of services, the least we can do as it's people is to preserve the little we have for us and our children and future generations. In the past few years and more so in the few past months the Municipality has been experiencing intense vandalism of the water infrastructure. The Municipality should be directing capital to new projects to communities that are in need of such, instead of doing unnecessary damage control because of theft.

The Executive Mayor, Cllr Tshepo Justice Makolomakwa during his media briefing during the opening of the new office block for the municipality, which was attended by amongst others, the MEC for COGHSTA, Hon. Mmoloki Chwaile, emphasised that vandalism of infrastructure and theft of cables is another cancerous situation.  

“Resources are reinvested in repairing vandalised infrastructure and stolen cables.  It is my observation that such acts are planned and our response can only be reactive in that vandalizers and thieves don’t share their plans.  We cannot afford the luxury of solving new problems with old solutions.  Sooner than later, we shall present an approach that would assist in curbing this cancer.  Of the total number or reported cases since July of 2020, thirteen (13) of these were in Tswaing. It cannot be right that as government provides services to the people, others see an opportunity to vandalise and steal.  We are committed to addressing this matter, and together we shall overcome, victory is certain” said Makolomakwa


This cancerous deed is really a concern as most people that reside in rural communities are the elderly, the less privileged and those that cannot fend for themselves due to social inequalities. When one person vandalises infrastructure this takes everything from the disadvantaged. The other factor that is a challenge is illegal connections that tends to waste water and ends up leaking underground. South Africa is a developing state and its resources are limited and slowly reaching communities that says to us all that we must preserve the little we have and take good care of it. 


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