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Makolomakwa Wishes the Matric Class of 2020 best of luck

Makolomakwa Wishes the Matric Class of 2020 best of luck

The Ngaka Modiri Molema District Municipality Executive Mayor, Cllr Tshepo Justice Makolomakwa would like to take this opportunity to wish the greatest of luck to all Matriculants in Ngaka Modiri Molema District Municipality and the North West at large, for their upcoming 2020 final matric examination.

Makolomakwa as He encourages Matriculants not to deter due to the fact that when the President of South Africa, Hounorable Cyril Ramaphosa declared our country a state of emergency and placed it under National Lockdown because of the Corona Virus, no one knew it would amount to such difficult circumstances. Covid-19 has turned our lives up-side down as what we usually considered as normal has turned into the abnormal. The new normal comprised of amongst other a consistent wearing facemasks, sanitize our hands and practise social distancing

With the shutdown came a lot of uncertainties, especially with the Matric Class of 2020, It’s been a tough year for our country as a whole, but we held on together, adhered to all legislated laws and the shutdown was lifted slowly but gradually, as we return back to our lives

Class of 2020 was faced with major adversities, not knowing how the schooling year will unfold. The pressures of having to learn a whole year syllabus in a short time, extreme measures were taken to make up for lost time. This year Matriculants will go through history as the class of perseverance, those who made it through when the odds were stacked against them. We are thankful for the Ministry of Education who prioritised their needs and ensured that all systems are in place.  

“I would like to wish all Matriculants the best of luck in their final examination, the exams are your last leap. You entered the year with great determination, do not let our current situation deter you, aim your shot and shoot. Do your absolute best, and God will do the rest." said the Executive Mayor

The District has been doing well in their final exam results obtaining good positioning in the Province but this time we would like to see the Number 1 spot coming back to our rural region. Make us proud.


The world is your oyster. Your new chapter awaits you… BEST OF LUCK!


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